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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Free Traffic Exchange-What can you do?

"I am seen all over the world"
What is the main thing that a website or blog need? What gets your website or blog seen by others? The answer is traffic. How do you get this traffic? The answer is easy and it is easy to do! You use one, two, three or more of the free traffic exchange. 

A free traffic exchange is one of the most effective ways to get started in using them and it is the easiest. Most of them have similar uses. However there are some that are a bit different than others give or take a feature or two. Generating traffic to your website or blog couldn't be easier. I might add it can be fun too! Some will have a game for you to play.

Here is how they basically work. You will earn credits by surfing other peoples websites. Surfing simply means to view, or look at. Then there is a timer for you to read the page in so many seconds. Then when the timer is finish you have to click to go to the next page or wherever the next, okay button is on the screen.

Perhaps this video will give you some more basic information as to how to use a free traffic exchange.
Click the link.

Here are tips to know what you can do and what not to do

  • Use 1-2 good free traffic exchanges
  • Build up your credits
  • Advertise your traffic exchange referral ink
  • Build up your down line
  • Create your own special splash page,capture page, sales page
  • Don't just use your main website. 
  • Only use a post from your website
  • Be mindful as to how long the page will load 
  • Be very different and offer something free
  • Let people know you are thinking of them
  • Create an opt in form
  • Be attractive to get the attention of the user
  • Try and get as many email addresses as possible
  • Don't worry about making the sale right away
  • Offer a newsletter about your website
It's that simple!
With the information from the video and the above tips you will know how to use an free traffic exchange effectively
I love this one the most and have fun with it. Click here.  
All I do is Sit & Surf! That's it!    Have fun and surf yourself  to free credits and bonus!  

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Ann Moses
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