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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Online Social Networking-Understanding what a lead is

When you are online doing social networking you have to       know if you have captured a lead. That is a person who follows you on every site that you are on and shows interest in what you have be it  a product or Social Networking1service. Also a lead is most commonly known as a person (user online) that has completed a landing page. This is a page where the person has the opportunity to fill out a form with their contact information. This will be in exchange for free information about the product or service. That is in the form of a free eBook, an webinar, online presentation or even product demonstration.

Having a person’s email address doesn’t make them a lead for your business.

This brings up a good point. You need to look at the person as a contact. Because of them giving you their email address they may just be subscribing for your blog, or email news letter. This give you the chance to convert them into a lead.

How much information is enough?Social Networking2

Here is a very challenging question. Let’s look at it like this. There are some of your connections that are going to come to you through landing pages however, chances are that if you ask for too much information like their phone number, age, social security number or anything that is personal they will not likely complete the form. So when doing your online social networking make sure that you are mindful of this matter.

Two main pieces of information is a MUST

To be on the safe side of not losing your lead you need ask for only two key pieces of information.

  • Name
  • Email Address

So there you have it. Understanding what a lead is and how to get exactly what you need no more or  no less will generate your online social networking to another level. From here you will begin to build your relationship.

Go get your leads the right way!

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