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About Me

I've Got Wit, I got STYLE, I got a Warm and Dazzling smile.
I'm Real. "I am Just so grateful and blessed to be
                                              ALIVE and a CHRISTIAN."

My name is Ann Moses, I am a Professional Network Marketer. Serving is intentional, relationship building is my ultimate goal, it is my passion. Networking is my mission and vision to  helping others to achieve their dreams. I am a everyday woman out to reach others like myself who have a strong passion and desire to earn money online. I have found through my 2 years of really working diligently and 19 years of working with computers there is a lot to learn.   Working online to build my business has not been easy. There are so many challenges that you are faced with and without skills, training and education you are hit! However, I know at some point I will get it right. Because quitting is not an option. I want to help you as much as I can. I know there are others who are struggling with building your online business. With  information and solutions that I have learned I know you can gain something from me. I also know that you can relate to at least one point that I have made thus far.“I have no agenda”. I want you to know that I care about you!

I have two quotes that I stand by. They are as follows:

"In order to get something you NEVER had , you have to DO something you never did."

"Keep your hook in the water."
"A Mission with a Vision"

Ann N. Moses
~Victorious Woman

Detroit, MI US