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Power Income

Ultimate Cycler allows every day people to
make money with little to no effort.
Ultimate Cycler, the greatest feeder program, it doesn't compete, but rather enhances...

You Will Receive All Of These Products & Services, $2,000 Value at a 99% Discount! You Pay just $25! No Catch!

1) Online Educational Suite (MBA w/out an MBA) ($197 value)
2) Motivator App Android & I-phone ($29 value) 
3) Christian App for Android & I-Phone ($29 value)
4) Finance App for Android & I-Phone ($46 value)
5) Dr. BreakThrough APP Android & I-Phone ($49 value) 
6) Lead Scraper Software (used to produce leads) ($199 value)
7) Premium Website (most charge monthly a fee) ($199 value)
8) Eight Professional Lead Capture Pages ($199 value)
9) Preset Auto-responder System 19 Msgs/49 days ($97 value)
10) Banner Space Advertising for your business(s) ($99 value)
11) Position In 2x2 Business Center w/ instant pay ($99 value)
12) Mentor ship (I get $500 per hour for Coaching) ($500 value)
13) Business Building Tools/Phone broadcasting ($500 value)
14) Support (Two live calls daily you, & this site) (Priceless)
15) Platform (If you are a speaker, author, artist, etc.) (Priceless)

If you add all these up it's almost $2,000.00 but you get it all for a measly $25 ONE time out of pocket expense, that's a 99% discount. No admin fee, no auto ships, no gotchas!

 Bring 2, Help Your 2 Get Their 2 - II Timothy 2:2 

"You just get people on the calls, I'll do the rest to
get them in your business!

You can stay plugged in with the top income earners and learn
how to make Ultimate Cycler WORK!

Monday - Saturday 9:00AM PT/ 11:00AM CT / 12:00PM EST
(605) 475-4700 Pin 602974#

       Monday - Saturday 5:00PM PT/7:00PM CT / 8:00PM EST
(605) 475-4700 Pin 602974#

24/7 (22 Min) replay 605-475-4799 pin 602974# Ref. # 27
Dynamic Leadership Group (Steve Branch & TV Wilson
Mon-Fri.10:00 am PT/12:00 pm CT / 1pm EST Also
 6:00 pm PT/8:00 pm CT/9 pm EST  712-432-3066 pin 374338#

Sunday "KingdomPreneur" Christian Biz Opp. Call 
6:00PM PT/ 8:00PM CT / 9:00PM EST
   (605) 475-4700 Pin 602974#

24/7 replay 605-475-4799 pin 602974# Ref. # 25

Intl. Corporate Call Mon -Thu 7PM PT/9PM CT/ 10:00PM EST
(530) 881-1300 pin 939438#

I must present to your a review of how to automate your business none other than from the CEO himself Peter Wolfing.

As you can see the "MOBILE IS KING"
This is the perfect feeder program. Just 1 time out of pocket, only $25 internet business that you literally get $2,000.00 worth of useful and usable products and services, that empower you to make $$$$$ online. We are not a get rich quick scheme but rather a "get rich quicker system "with a proven track record!

Our Parent Company Multiplex Systems (Peter Wolfing) is a 14 1/2 year old debt free company that has an A+ rating with the BBB and services over 520,000 Customers worldwide! We are a new division, with over 12k members in just 2 Months and projected to have over 150k members by the end of the year. We have the best of both worlds, security, stability and positioning!

Here is a look at why you need to join Ultimate Cycler

Why You Need To Join Ultimate Cycler Today
1. Problems - Economy down, people need $$$ asap!
2. Purpose - We Help Solve Problems & Provide Solutions.
3. President (CEO) - Peter Wolfing, Family man, Entrepreneur.
4. Parent Co. Multiplex Systems A+ rating BBB, 520,000 Clients.
5. Products - Suite of Marketing Tools & Services $2k value.
6. Pay Plan- Out of every 6 sales, you make 100% commission on four of those sells.
7. Promise- If It's not win/win/win, we're not in!

We circulate $$$ which means it goes out, and comes back in a never ending cycle of increase and enjoyment!
It comes down to taking MASSIVE ACTION!

I took the massive action I needed to make it happen for me.

When I learned of this amazing opportunity to be able to make the money that I need and to get paid instantly I knew this was it!  Plus to find out that I didn't have to take away from my personal expenses to make the rest of my businesses work.

One of the biggest complaints for people entering into a program is that it cost too much!
Well I knew I wasn't looking for anything like that! I had to stand on what I knew I had in front of me. Since this was so affordable and I knew I had it, I used exactly what I had to make it happen for me to take the first step. I went to the grocery store and I cashed in all my empty soda cans that I had saved up and when I cashed them all in it was JUST what I needed to take this leap of FAITH.
This is why I believe my own quote so strongly. "In order to get something you NEVER had you have to do something you NEVER did."

"Scared money can't make money" ~Steve Branch

This is what others had to say about being apart of the
 Ultimate Cycler

On My 56th day in the business I earned 5 figures in one single day and have helped 165 people make anywhere from $25 all the way to 20,250! – Dr.BreakThrough  http://www.DrBreakThrough.comI was a little skeptical until I joined and upgraded all the way, and made more money in one day than I used to make in an entire month!  Nadia H.

Due to a tragic incident years ago I was left totally blind, but Dr. BreakThrough sponsored me and I've made over $125 in one week. I may be physically blind, but financially I can see with this business. Dr. Johannes J. Christian  

 I was born without arms, I started with the company and made money the same day using my feet on the computer, If I can do this business, you can to. Tawana W.

I was hospitalized two days after I joined the company, but I made $750 while in the hospital for the last 11 days. Vashun T.

I used the lead scraper software to create 500 leads in my local area. Abimbola A.

I made more $ in one hour than I do a whole day on my day Job. Dunamis L.

My life has been changed by the personal development app.
John L.
Within my first 5 days I earned 4 figures, saw my first $500 day with this program and helped 24 people make money as well.  What a blessing! ~Trisha S.
I saved my house from foreclosure because of the instant pay feature! ~Mark H.
" With The Ultimate Cycler, Your Dreams can become Reality "
~Steve B.

Work hard with the people in your Net, and your Network will work hard for you ~T.V. W.

As a Pastor for 35 years,
I can honestly say that this concept and company has the power to fix the economy. ~Dr. Steve P.
You can't afford not to spend $25!


  1. This is the perfect income opportunity for everyday people to get ahead.

  2. I will take a closer look at it. It looks interesting to say the least and looks like it might fit very well with my primary business. Thanks for showing me this link.

    1. Thank you Gerry for taking time out of your busy schedule to look further into this amazing program!

  3. Hi

    I've only know Ann for a short while we are both in the Power Team for Ultimate Cycler . As far as UC goes not many opportunity's around you can start $25 and if you put in the time can earn you a very nice part or full time income, and you would be hard pressed to find a better person to work with then Ann

    So look it over get back to Ann and Get on The Power Team where "No One Is Left Behind "

    Dream Big
    John Gatto

    1. Hi John, thank you so much for the invitation to all. Also thank you for letting people know how affordable the program is. I am dreaming Big with you. :-)

  4. Great info Ann. Anybody plugging in with you will get the support they need to succeed. Way to go. Keep on doing what you're doing.

    1. Thank Pastor for the compliment. Much success to you too!

  5. Good stuff Ann. Anybody connecting with you is sure to get the support they need to succeed.

    1. I thank you Pastor, this is my hearts desire to help people. I am reaching out the way God leads too.

  6. Hi Ann, this is some great info here girl. I know that you'll bring the support that so many people need. I wish you nothing but the best.

    1. Thank you Jack. I am putting my best foot forward reaching out to people the best way I can.

  7. Thank you for Sharing this Interesting and Informative information Ann! Great value my favorite IBOtoolbox friend! Highly recommended!

    1. You are so welcome Anne. Having the support from my IBOTOOLBOX associate means a lot. I hope there was enough detailed information here. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to leave me a comment.

  8. Wow Ann...That is a lot of benefits!

    1. Yes is the break down in full force. This are no gotcha's!
      Than Demetrius for your comment.

  9. great you are
    good and generous
    God bless you and yours
    thank you for your support and help

    1. Thank you Barki for you comments. God bless you and yours too!

  10. This sounds interesting, but what if i showed you how to build a recession proof income and bank residual income... Would that interest you... If so, visit my website at...

    God Bless

    1. Hi Micheal & Nicola! Thank you both for your comments. You have an amazing opportunity! However, I am focused on my opportunity. Thank you for sharing!