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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Computer Maintenance-Know your computer

I will share with you my experience and thoughts about the how important it is to do computer maintenance.
When you are a consistent user of using your computer, doing a number of different tasks every day and night; there is a lot of stress that you put on your computer. The brain of the computer (if you will) has a lot to remember and to know.
I use my computer everyday and it is in use for many hours 8-12 hours a day or more. Since I use it so much there are times that I will notice when it is running real sluggish. Meaning the performance is not up to speed for the various programs to run properly. Your pages load slowly and the timing is off. I have to be on the computer as often as I am building my business. Upon noticing that I will have to put into action some basic diagnostics before it develops into something more serious. If that happens then I will have to resort to calling my IT Man (Information Technology) because he is the expert to do the necessary repairs that are needed to save my computer and documents.
I will list some of the basic diagnostics programs and tools that I do to bring my computer up to speed.
·  CCleaner
·  Defragment                                        
·  Quick scan
·  Overnight scan
·  Disk clean-up
·  Delete history in browser (s)
·  Uninstall unwanted programs in control panel
Now throughout this process I have to restart (re-boot) my computer for the changes to take place. Each time I do that I notice the difference in the performance of my computer.
WARNING! These are some of the basic and simple things you can do to keep you computer from getting infected with viruses. However, if you experience getting a virus I suggest that you have a more advance expert in the IT field to do the removal of the virus. It is extremely important that you do have a reliable and experienced  EXPERT.
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Thank you for reading and visiting.
~Victorious Woman “UNSTOPPABLE”
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  1. When you know a little something about keeping your computer up you will save yourself a lot of grief.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for your comments. I the next one will be information that many can use.

  3. Thank you for sharing. Your computer life will be extended if you do this every few months depending how often you use it.
    -reliability centered maintenance

    1. When you have the right solution to your your computer problems it make a big difference with the issue at hand. Thank you for your comment.